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Sarah Lerose

When we met Sarah we had just built website version 1.0 of Custom-Tracks.com. Sarah is an incredible songwriter and vocalist who happened to also happens to be a Florida native from back in the day.

Sarah's Story

She now lives in Atlanta and is an elementary school teacher and when she ran into our company in Florida over the holidays and we started talking music. I told her my idea for making pro studios and experienced session players accessible to everyone and she was willing to send me a song of hers to see what we could do. She said she had been sitting on this song for 10 years waiting to run into the right opportunity to get her music made. She found it!

Sarah Lerose + Custom-Tracks.com

Sarah Lerose – Foolish Lover

Now let's talk through the process of making her song just to give you an idea of how this can work.

1. Submitting her Song

Now Sarah didn’t have home recording gear or recording experience so this project began with an iPhone recording.

We needed the track in time so I programmed a quick drum part and sent it back to her to sing to. She played the drum track on her laptop and recorded her voice with it on her phone again.

2. Producing the Music

That was all we needed. Next I enlisted some compatriots and we got started. Check out the first ever Custom-Tracks session from the living room of my old house.

I should mention that like all of the musicians we’re working with, these guys are pretty incredible. That keyboardist has toured the world and was part of making the 12 Years a Slave soundtrack: Check out Alvin Giles playing keys.

3. Hearing the Results

Once Giles and Dex played their parts we sent it back to her to get it approved. She said she loved it and was actually happy enough with it that she drove from Atlanta to Orlando that weekend because she wanted to record the vocals here. Christian mixed and mastered the tracks and just like that Sarah had her very own original song recorded.

This is what it’s all about! Being able to connect songwriters and musicians to the session players they need so they can make incredible recordings that they’ll have for the rest of their lives! She plans to record more songs in the future and work with a publisher to license her music to other artists. Together we can transform the expectations people have for their music.

If Custom-Tracks.com can be a resource for you, we're excited to get in touch. Feel free to reach out to us and tell us about your project here.

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