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Writing good songs is really tough.

Even hit songwriters will write dozens of songs to get a few gems. At the same time we know that for our music, having great songs is the foundation for everything we want to do.

So how do we write songs like the ones we love so much?

Learning how to write better songs isn't as easy as it sounds. Songwriting is like a mysterious mixture of magic, live experience, spontaneity, and yes - great technique.

And it feels like something you can't force, but at the same time you hear hit after hit from established writers who show they know what they're doing.

You need more experience, more practice, more feedback, and more shots at the net. Part of the solution is certainly just to write songs more consistently.

But it's hard to make time for it. Other parts of life demand so much of your time; work, school, kids, etc.

And getting quality feedback isn't very easy.

Writers in LA and Nashville have an awesome opportunity to be part of writer's rounds and songwriters circles that can inspire them, support them in their practice, and provide insights and techniques to help them get better. Artists flock to these cities because the communities there support new talent in becoming better at their craft.

But with modern livestreaming technology, not all of us need to live in one of these music hubs to be part of a great community.

By joining this free online songwriter circle you can be part of a growing community of other artists who support each other, share information, and grow together as writers.

To sign up, just go to custom-tracks.com/songwriter. Enter your availability to get notified about when we're meeting up. You can put when you're typically available and only get emailed for circles happening during those times.

Second, join our songwriter slack group. It's a group for posting responses to songwriting exercises, sharing new tunes, and finding other people to collaborate with.

Remember! The more people you meet and engage with about songwriting, the more you'll keep writing!

See you at the circle!

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