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Hi friends,

My name is Dane, I'm the founder of Custom-Tracks and I'm a songwriter and artist. The reason I work in music is because to me music is about as close to magic as you can get. I look at the non-stop happenings in our world and think music is the medicine we want.

The best contribution I could make to music is to do something to help the huge number of independent musicians in our generation become more impactful. It started with our local studio in Orlando, Wholehearted Productions, then through our growing online community via Custom-Tracks. I've met loads of artists and heard their stories. I've become familiar with a lot of obstacles independent artists have to overcome to be successful. I've come to find the solution begins with starting to do simple house concerts. Here's why.

House shows let you:

  1. Make up to $850/night for an hour set
  2. Have the undivided attention of listeners at a show
  3. Grow your number of shows from the audience at your shows
  4. Have an achievable goal that can make you a full-time artist in just several months.
  5. Validate that you can build a career off of the music you make.
  6. Perform in the most direct, connective, and real environment possible.

After much unsuccessful proselytizing on the subject to try to persuade our strong-willed and hesitant artist community, I've decided the only thing I can do is jump in and see if this is as good I believe it is. I'm starting to play house shows with my own original music and documenting the process!

If you struggle to play gigs, build a community around your music, and pay your rent doing it, I hope you'll join me.

Much Love.

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