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I think deep down every producer knows that she has to start with great performances to end up with great recordings. It's simple but not easy. When getting a great performance is difficult, there's a tendency to say "Oh, I'll edit that later." or "I can tune that." And maybe she can. After all, it's not editing that can gets her in trouble, but the performance staying sloppy.

When we stop and consider, it's not that she can't get the right takes. It's not that she can't do the edit.

What she struggles with is how easy it is in the moment to say "Eh, we can work with that," and then leave it. By waiting until later, she has to listen to the sloppy performance over and over again. Maybe she starts getting accustomed to the problems in the performance and gets used to them. Or maybe her passion for the song starts to get dragged down as the lame performances accumulate.

Great art comes from doing the hard things as they come, not putting them off.

There's something that gives her great passion about building up a bed of great tracks. There's something that nags at her confidence about tracking something "ok", calling it "good enough", and moving on.

I love watching Jon Bellion produce music because he's so into what he's making. You can watch him build up the tracks and hear it get better and better. Nothing's left half-way as he builds it and it continues to grow. He gets more excited as he goes. It's hard to imagine how he survives mastering.

You can see Jon's music turns out great because every step of the way he's making each piece the best it can be. So here's to not moving on from something until it makes you feel the way you want to feel.

Much Love.

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