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Custom-Tracks.com had the opportunity to sit down with Attorney Kris Nichols and ask all of the questions every musician needs to know about the do's and don'ts of copyright law.

We've broken down the biggest topics we discussed during the interview.

Levels of Copyright Protection

tip: Registering within three months of publication gives you the benefit of statutory damages.

The Process of Registering a Copyright

tip: this never works for sound recordings

Types of Copyright



What is considered to be "tangible"? Kris Nichols explains which things the law considers to be tangible.

What is a phonorecord? Kris Nichols describes why the law will never be outdated.

We'd like to give a wholehearted thank you to Kris Nichols for doing his part to keep musicians protected by law! If you'd like to get more info about the actual process of registering a copyright, check out this article by our friends at Dozmia How to Copyright a Song' Article, and of course check the Custom-Tracks.com blog for more tips on how to tackle the Music Biz.


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